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Great Britain 

In the eastern Atlantic, just off the north-west coast of Europe, lies the British Isles. As well as England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, more than 6,000 islands of different shapes and sizes make up the 315,159 square kilometres of landmass. 10 habitats dominate these isles – coastland, farmland, freshwater, grassland, heathland, marine, rocky, urban, wetlands and woodlands – and two-hundred bird species breed here in this mosaic of habitats. In 2021, Ewan created a book called 'Birds in the British Landscape'. The book takes wildlife enthusiasts and admirers of British birds on a journey through 5 clear chapters, introducing some of these rich habitats and demonstrating their importance of the preservation and restoration for British birds. To delve into each habitat, click on the images that feature on this page.

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